Welcome NRA Exhibitor!

Food Fair has been exhibiting and distributing at the NRA show
continuously since 2005. We are located in the South Hall, exhibit 1460.
Over the recent years as marketing operandi have changed,
Daily Media Group has changed as well, bringing together
the best of old and the very best of the new. 
We will elevate your business and your show marketing
with advertising of your brand messaging on all digital 
platforms near the event.
Utilizing the powerful synergy of Google Ads and Geofencing,
we are able to successfully pinpoint-message to your event attendees. 
Following is an overview of our multi-prong approach. 
5 reasons why
Geofencing. Capturing the attendee audience on the
ground, at hotels, restaurants and the show itself.
What is a Geofence?
A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a
real-world geographic area.
How does it work?
When a mobile device enters within the targeted
Geofence area, several different events are triggered.
These triggers are usually the delivery of  
advertising via display ads on all websites and email
servers such as yahoo and gmail. Ads will
also appear through SMS and push notifications  
We will set a geofence radius around major
attendee gathering points. 
These location points include:
  1. Major hotels serving the event.
  2. McCormick Place
  3. The Entirety of Downtown Chicago Business Districts 
The Loop District
The Michigan Boulevard District
Items advertised will be:
  1. Food Fair Magazine - the digital magazine cover will appear. 
  2. Food Fair Stories: your exclusive trade show messaging.
  3. This is your Food Fair magazine content exclusively. (see example of a "story" below. 
This content can be what we publish in the magazine or as
promotion specifically designed to draw traffic to your booth,
such as a special offer or giveaway
Old School Social Media. We utilize Twitter and Facebook
and in conjunction with these, we will be
moving strongly to Instagram in 2021. 
We know many in the food industry will be
there more and more, especially chefs and their followers.
Throughout the year and leading up to and during the show
Food Fair posts 50 second video shorts that will run in the "Instagram
Reel" and in the geofencing program. 
How do we know if our ad and editorial is being seen in
the magazine?
Precise readership tracking within the digital publication is
now possible using Google Analytics.
Our digital magazine publishing platform offers dynamic
data tracking and social media publishing tools.
a. Page specific readership tracking 
using Google Analytics.
Many of our marketers have requested the
ability to track reader behavior within the digital publication.
Our new digital publishing platform now allows us to  
accomplish this with the power of Google Analytics
within the magazine on a page by page basis.
This page specific data includes:
#visitor count per page
#time spent on page
#reader geographic location
#date of page visit
#digital platform used by visitor. Mobile or desktop, windows or mac.
This is invaluable information to help you gauge the efficacy of how your
marketing dollar is spent and how to better adjust your messaging.

b. Article formatting for social media
distribution and mobile consumption. 
Designed specifically for social media posting,
this format outperforms all other means of magazine
article sharing and consumption.
Our new magazine platform allows published articles
to be reformatted to increase magazine interaction
for viewing on small screens and also
for social media placements and easy sharing.
Why is this important?
Because the editorial is reformatted from a magazine
layout to a mobile friendly scrolling layout.
Now the reader does not have to navigate a magazine on a mobile
device with "pinching and pulling" a screen to view.
These reformatted articles will finally allow for 
magazine consumption without having to open the magazine 
on a smaller screen, as well as not needing to open a webpage to read. 
The option to open the 'regular" magazine is always readily available under 
this usage scenario. 
  • Pre-Show
  • At-Show
  • Post-Show
Newsletters covering what's new at NRA are sent to 
current registered attendees of the NRA Show.
May 5: Digital edition of Food Fair Magazine's NRA Show Buyer's Guide
May 10: Pre-show highlights including selections from the Buyer's Guide. 
May 14: Pre-show highlights including selections from the Buyer's Guide. 
May 20: Pre-show highlights including selections from the Buyer's Guide. 
May 28: Post- show recap. Your 50 word message of thanks.
Old school print.
The printed guide is gloss and 4/C throughout and printed in an easy
to carry 9" x 12" size. The book reaches attendees in 3 ways. 
Our NRA Show exhibit #1460 in the South Hall.
1. We pass out the magazine free of charge to attendees all day,
each day of the show. We use a walk away bag which can include your flyers (see below).
2. Via USPS Mailed to registered attendees. 
Mailing date is May 1, reaching buyers at their peak show planning/buying time. 
The synergy of total coverage.
The synergyhe latest in digital marketing applications and a digital and print together
makes Food Fair Magazine's NRA Show Buyer's Guide 
a stand out in the global digital publishing space and on the ground in 
real time at the NRA Show. 
Please reach out for a conversation with either myself, 
or a member of our team.
or calling directly: 702-808-0209
Thanks for your time.
Christopher Gudenzi
Daily Media Group, LLC
Since 2004
Tucson, Arizona
San Francisco, California


Application of Food Fair "Story" for

magazine to mobile/social. 

Food Fair 2019 NRA Show Buyer's Guide issue.

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